Rainy Lake Charters Cruise options


Lunch on Little Cedar Island, Walk the trail at Oveson’s …….

Visit Harry Oveson Fish Camp, Little Cedar Island, Skipper Rock Island, then along the US Canadian border, Musket Inn, Ernest Oberholtzer Foundation Review Islands and Little American Island.

With all of the islands in Rainy Lake there are many different places to stop and explore or pack a picnic lunch. Daytime cruises are a great way to see parts of Rainy Lake that will delight you and the kids. While some of the places have docks to park at some are just a place to beach the boat and get off over the bow. We will always ask you what you want.

Starting at $320 for a 2 person 2 1/2 hour tour with Captain Ken giving you details and history of the lake.

Kettle Falls Cruise

Kettle Falls at Voyageurs National Park

Visit Historic Kettle Falls Hotel with stops along the way at different islands and historic places on the lake including Kempton Channel, Camp Marston, Anderson Bay, Harry Oveson Fish Camp, Fujita Cabin and more.

Explore the famous Kettle Falls Hotel, overlook and grounds. A day trip that allows for lunch and/or cocktails at the hotel & plenty of time on the lake.

Starting at $500 for a private 2 person 5 1/2 hour trip including stops along the way for a swim, cocktail float or just taking in the beauty of the lake.

Sunset Cruise

Watch the sun dip below the horizon 

There are several spots on Rainy Lake to watch the sunset. Pickup at any of the local hotels, resorts or docks. Bring your choice of beverage and camera to create a lasting memory.


Starting at $300 for a 2 person 2 1/2 hour evening Rainy Lake cruise.

Custom Cruise – Your Way

Let me know where you want to go!

With over 24 years on Rainy Lake I know where there are many different Islands, Picnic spots, swimming bays and more but you may have a favorite spot that you want to visit. Let me know where and if possible I will get you there!


3 hour cruise where you tell me what you would like to do or see. All while enjoying a relaxing Rainy Lake cruise.  $700 for entire boat up to 6 people

Additional hours can be added at $125 per hour.

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